R. Kim Tipper & Associates Fine Violins
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With the passages of years I have come to focus my efforts on challenging restorations of instruments
that may take months or years. I have limited my sales inventory to a few instruments and bows that
I am truly proud to represent, especially from working makers that I know.

Inspired by these makers and the ancient instruments I have had the privilege to work on
I feel challenged to make a few more.
The wood I have has been waiting decades, and it is calling.

Thus I try to limit my appointment times to Tuesdays and Thursdays.
While I am available for small repairs, adjustments and consultations I can’t let
them impede the progress of my long term projects.
Already my waiting list runs for many months into the future.

I offer appraisals for a typical charge of $125 per item including photography.

Reid Hudson
(bow maker and bow restorer)
2772 Ortona Road
Duncan, B.C.  V9L 6B8
telephone: 250-748-5879

James Ham
(instrument maker and restorer, bow re-hairs)
1755 Taylor Street
Victoria, B.C.  V8R 3E8
telephone: 250-370-6046

Roland Hollinger
(instrument maker and restorer, bow re-hairs)
7634 Sigmar Place
Saanichton, B.C.  V8M 1N3
telephone: 250-652-6330

Travis Short
(instrument restorer)
Victoria, B.C.
telephone: 778-977-1107