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An unlabeled German cello circa 1900 Flag of Germany
This is a good full size antique cello in good condition. It has had some small repairs to the table that look good and the neck has been replaced about 20 years ago. The varnish shows original shop antiquing as well as honest wear from years of playing. Length of back is 755mm. Playing string length is 68.5 cm.
$12,000 Cello front
A German cello circa 1960 from the shop of Ernst Heinrich Roth Flag of Germany
This is a very good older commercial German cello in very good condition and perfectly set up. There are no cracks or repairs and a moderate amount of scratches in the varnish from handling. Quite new looking despite its age. Length of back is 756mm. Playing string length is 69 cm.
Sold Cello front
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Jan Szlachtowski, Nowy Targ, Poland, No. 103836  2009 Flag of Poland
This cello is built on a reduced Strad Model and is in excellent condition. It is made of attractive wood and has a deep red-brown shaded varnish. This cello is sold with a good hard shell case and a bow. Length of back is 720mm. Playing string length is 67.5 cm.
$14,000 Cello front