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Rowland H. Ross, Guildford, No. 176, 1988 Flag of UK
A good English baroque violin in excellent original condition with authentic style fittings and setup. Minor wear to the varnish. Rowland Ross is a well known maker of instruments for period performers worldwide.
$12,000 Violin front
Sigisvald Hoibakke, Victoria B.C., 1958 Flag of Canada
A much played veteran instrument from the early years of the Victoria Youth Symphony. A typical example of the early work of this well loved local maker.
$4,000 Violin front
Galen Hartley, Montpellier, France, 2015 Flag of France
A Ruggeri copy from one of Canada’s most promising young makers. It has a mellow tone and bears a convincingly antiqued varnish of pale orange shaded to yellow. It is a careful copy of a Ruggeri. See www.hartleyviolins.com
Sold Violin front
Sigisvald Hoibakke, Victoria B.C., 1960/75 Flag of Canada
A particularly fine example of the work of this fondly remembered local maker. According to the writing inside it was made in 1960 and re-varnished by the maker in 1975, the year of his death. It is virtually un-played since the re-varnishing.
Sold Violin front